“When you better the lives of others, you better your own life.”

- I.M. Sulzbacher




Real People, helped by PATH have said...

"This program helped me in many different ways. First it provided a safe, clean, and friendly environment for me to live...I was able to become employed at a job that i still have today...The PATH also institutes a savings plan so that we can eventually become self sufficient and secure housing...The PATH helped me in all those ways and many more. I'm very grateful for all that they have done for me"

- J. Tubbs

"When I first came into PATH I came in with nothing, fresh out of treatment. I was able to obtain a job...I soon learned that I was a candidate for an apartment next door. I was very excited, because that meant that I would be reunited with my two children...A year later, of working and saving, we moved out of PATH to a nice three bedroom apartment...PATH is a great program...They helped me get my life together...I am now employed with them."

- A. Yazzie

"I have been in the PATH program for over 6 months, and come to really appreciate the program. They were a Godsend in a time of my greatest need, they have helped me overcome trials and tribulations in my life, by giving me moral and physical support."

- D. Bummett

"I have gained a lot by living at PATH...I have an apartment to rent for over 3 years...I have also gained my independence by living on my own with PATH shelter"

- A. Patel

"The PATH, was a place where I could take a breath...stop...and gather my thoughts. With "their" guidance and gentle nudging I could continue on My path."

- V. Cain

“Yours is a beautiful place with a program that restores hope and beauty in peoples’ lives…this home has been an incredible blessing.”

- Susan H.

“When I first got here I didn’t even know where I was heading to, I was confused and lost, but now I’m not…So far I have accomplished getting a job, not one but two...My next step is to move in the housing part and settle…”

- Silvia B.

“[PATH] provided the two of us with shelter, a warm meal, hot shower, and a nice comfortable bed. [My son and I] went through the program… [and] were offered an apartment…My son and I are [now] living as productive members in our community thanks to PATH.”

- Elizabeth M.

“I was alone, afraid and hungry. The people at PATH have been a Godsend to me as they took me in, gave me a bed, clothing, food and an environment where I could feel safe and secure…I have progressed through the program and have worked my way to the apartment phase of the program. I haven’t had a drink or drug in over 15 months now and am very proud of my success.”

- Anonymous

“We have six children…and had some troubled times. After searching and being jobless we found a great place called PATH…The staff was very nice and helpful…they’re a place that helps you get back on your own.”

- Bertha T.

“[PATH has] truly been my support system in my recovery from alcoholism…Going from street person with mental issue and a substance abuse problem to independent living in my own apartment again had renewed my own willingness to believe in and to help others.”

- Anonymous

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